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not sure what to do? just follow these steps;
click on the rate now! button, this will take you to the login / register page
all you need is your email to register, your email will be used to keep track of who's voting and not for newsletters, once you've logged in you will be take to the rate page
now you have a few categories like Story, Script, Directing, Cinematography, Acting, Music, Editing; depending on how well the movie performed under each category rate it on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, 0 being bad and 5 being good
answer the remaining questions on the same basis and click Rate
based on our algorithm your Watch Meter rating will be generated, Watch Meter can be one of the following;
Must See Movie you have to see this movie | Too Much Time if you have the time, watch this movie | Wait For DVD watch at your own risk is based on the idea that every movie should be watched and the Watch Meter rating helps you decide when and where; Must See Movie is a movie you watch in a theatres | while Too Much Time is a movie that you watch at your leisure, in a theatre or at home | Wait For DVD is a movie you watch in the comfort of your home, on DVD or TV or Stream it

have fun rating :)

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